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Our well-qualified Content Engineers focus on the various aspects of the input content in terms of subject, format, retrival-ability, content extraction, reusablity and tailor perfect output solution in terms of structuring, design and refinement, process and process management, conversion of data, development of content-based products, and compatibility of different platforms.

Structuring of content

In any publications, clarity and consistency are the basic requirements, and most of the customers required to convert electronic products to be converted automatically from the print source product or the product to be produced to be compatible to different medias. Understanding this requirement, at Kryon we go with logical structuring of data as it very important then ever.


Semantic markup in InDesign/TeX/Word/XML/QuarkXpress

Media-Neutral Content

Linguistic Proofing

Reference structuring



Print PDF - for printing

ePDF - for WEB

XML output



WEB applications


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