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content localization service provider Translation of various documents, as well as linguistic changes to suits the target market and its culture
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Localization is the art of adapting a product or service to a different culture. Localization includes translation of various documents, as well as linguistic changes so that the product suits the target market and its culture.

File Preparation

At KRYON, we prepare every project follows a well-determined and established workflow. Our data conversion team having authentic expertise and specialization extracting translatable text from any type of source files. Our customizable tools and the latest OCR tools enable us to extract text with maximum accuracy.

The extracted content is thoroughly prepared and validated with help of an in-house tool to adhere to the customer requirements. Our automated file clean-up and preparation procedures cook the extracted content as per the customer-specific format and our in-house checklists ensures quality at all levels.

Multilingual Typesetting

KRYON's multilingual DTP team has extensive technological expertise as well as solid typographical experience in character and alphabet languages. Working on Windows and Apple Macintosh computers, our studio is fully equipped with a large collection of multilingual fonts and standard word-processing, page-makeup and graphics software. Our extensive management, translation and publishing resources ensure that we can deliver projects quickly, and in the format that you need, hence reducing your time to market.

We provide professional desktop publishing (DTP) services in international languages (single-byte, double-byte and multi-byte) as below:

• European • Middle East & Eastern European • Asian • Indian Languages • African • Right-Left languages

We produce high quality work in all languages and dialects, on both the PC and Mac platforms.

Desktop Publishing

Driven by several years of experience and native intelligence our team of skilled professionals using state-of-the-art technology tools, KRYON can accept all formats of inputs and deliver ready to print/publish files in any popular software used in the typesetting/localization industry.

Our DTP team is highly experienced in handling various languages (single-byte, double-byte and multi-byte) includes any type of constructs such as, graphics, colors, CAD diagrams, extensive tables, equations, etc. Our high quality DTP output files are delivered within the fixed schedules.

Quality Assurance

Our Project Managers work closely with clients for each project and construct a customized QA process to meet the specific requirements of the project. We also provide standalone QC services for files processed (DTP'ed) somewhere else.

Focused areas while QCing:

  • General layout
  • Pagination
  • Integrity of the content
  • Tables placement and alignment
  • Graphics placement and alignment
  • Integrity of the Color
  • File naming conversion
  • Language nuances

The DQA team strictly adheres to our standard QA procedures and checklists to ensure highest accuracy levels at all stages. The team's familiarity with Acrobat's editing tool helps in achieving targets with a full QA of DTP work ensuring the basics such as document size, layout, fonts, styles, TOC, cross-references, graphics and index entries.

DTP Applications

Some of the common publishing and design software applications that we work with include:

Microsoft Word | Microsoft Excel | Microsoft PowerPoint | Corel Draw | MSPublisher | MSVisio | OpenOffice | CorelVentura | AutoCad | Adobe Indesign | QuarkXPress | Adobe FrameMaker | Adobe Illustrator | Adobe PageMaker | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Acrobat Professional | 3B2

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