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KRYON's exclusive data conversion team work on content digitization for electronic publishing, content distribution, archival, multimedia production, eLearning portals and the Web. We convert all types of content from paper and all major word processing, typesetting and document formats, into all structured formats. Our smatter team works with complex & technical data typically characterized by large tables, complex-equations, multiple cross-references, special symbols and characters, footnotes, and customized imaging requirements. Our production scalability ranging from any level to million pages with graranteed data integrity!

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Digital Publishing Services

From 1998, KRYON has involved digitization of different clients across the publishing domain that includes STM, educational, financial, legal, law, reference and associations. We understand and maintain the integrity of the data, hence we create workflows and solutions for each digitization project for its own unique requirements.

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Content Engineering

Our well-qualified Content Engineers focus on the various aspects of the input content in terms of subject, format, retrival-ability, content extraction, reusablity and tailor perfect output solution in terms of structuring, design and refinement, process and process management, conversion of data, development of content-based products and compatibility of different platforms.

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eBook Production

eBooks are versatile, portable and convenient. They offer special features such as bookmarks and note-taking, making them very similar to conventional paper books in look, feel and function.

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Designing and delivering customized learning solutions aligned to specific business objectives. Kryon's key competencies are its instructional design and end-to-end learning solutions. Our experts have industry authentic experience in creating multimedia products to suite our customer's need, they also have the knowledge in working with various SGML/XML authoring tools.

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Book-2-Bytes Services

Transformation of millions of pages from any source file to industry standards is possible with our expertise and experience. Our quality assurance process ensures 100% semantic and 99.997% data accuracy levels. We ensure that each of your books is transformed into Bytes quickly at competitive costs and with the highest quality.

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With the state of art infrastructure facilities and qualified and experienced teams, we manage the entire process of retrodigitization cost effectively. Hardcopy formats are converted using a combination of the most innovative double-key methods and the latest OCR technologies, depending on the types and complexity of input format.

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