epub conversion service KRYON creates electronic books from author disks or converting from existing platforms.
epub conversion service handler ePub2, ePub3, Fixed-layout ePubs, Mobi Pocket/PRC/Kindle, OEB, Palm Reader, Gem Star, MS Reader, SONY e-Reader
epub conversion service ePub2, ePub3, Fixed-layout ePubs, Mobi Pocket/PRC/Kindle, OEB, Palm Reader, Gem Star, MS Reader, SONY e-Reader
epub conversion handler

ePUB Innovations

The .epub format are ebooks that can be read on a wide range of software and electronic ebook readers including the iPad, iPhone, Bookworm web browser, etc. Its is evident that ebook in ePub format is becoming the preferred industry standard for many publishers, and ebook stores. We convert different kind of ePub formats like ePub2, ePub3, Fixed-Layout ePubs, Talking ePubs, Interactive ePubs, Animated ePubs...etc.

ePubs are versatile, portable and convenient. They offer special features such as bookmarks and note-taking, making them very similar to conventional paper books in look, feel and function.

For ePub conversion, we follow the IDPF standards and the output is validated over ePubcheck 1.0.5. Each file is hand formatted using an XML editor or InDesign to preserve accuracy of language as well as replicate the original reading experience.

ePub2 ... ePub3 ... Interactive ePubs .. Fixed-layout ePubs

We are leader in ePub Conversion Services. Call us for more info about our service. We will provide you full support to convert your book to ePub ebook format, no matter which format you start with. We focus on creating ePub/Prc files customized to your need, which can be supported and navigated in all the available handheld devices. We offer the following ePub conversion services:

  • ePub2, ePub3
  • Complex and fixed layouts: print-replica layouts, structured and hyperlinked indexes, embedded fonts, support for high-design content like Medical books
  • Interactive ePubs: Touch animations, MCQs, touch sensing
  • Read aloud ePubs: Voice over, highlighting
  • Multilingual ePubs: ePub in Hebrew, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Itali, Hungarian, Bulgarian, all European languages, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic, Sanskrit and other languages

Once you are sure with your ePub conversion project, follow the steps given below:

Please Email or FTP us the book at sales@kryonpublishing.com, you can upload it on our FTP server. Please contact us for login ID and password.

We convert the books only for authors, publishers, digital libraries, eBook sellers, or anybody who has the copyright of the books. If the book is no longer copyright protected, then please provide us the details on it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at sales@kryonpublishing.com or call at +1 212 801 2389.

We can convert from any format to epub file format or format of your choice. Solution is just in your phone call/eMail.

Call/Mail us now for your ePub Conversion Service.

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