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Software eXpertise

Our strong technology & engineering department and development team, have industry authentic experience and different domain expertise. The main focus of this team is to innovate cost effective processes, implementing new methodologies, and initiate contemporary services. They concentrate on developing in-house tools and scripts to ease the production process.

Our core technology team has expertise in various typesetting software, such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, PageMaker, CorelVentura, 3B2, LaTeX and MSWord, XML-First and Non-XML composition, different type of Markup Languages, such as XML, SGML, HTML, HTML5, DITA and OWL, Perl, VB, .Net and Word macros, CSS, XSL(T), understanding and constructing SCHEMAS, DTDs, validators, parsers.

The software development unit develops and maintains software for internal and external customers according to their requirements. Most of the major software's used internally have been developed in house. A few to name are:

  • SmartConverter (Kryon's Copyediting/File structuring Tool)
  • InXML (XML-2-Indesign Auto-paging System
  • kML (Kryon's RTF-XML tool)

XML eXpertise

KRYON provides extensive ePublishing services that encompass migration of content from any format to digital format. Our technology team is well equipped to deliver all types of services and solutions for the print, online and media domains. By virtue of experiential and creative learning, KRYON, has the multiple advantage of catering to the print-driven market and also beyond-print products. We understand the need of data integrity, searchability, sharability, portability, retrievability, and accessibility hence we provide complete solution to the present ePublishing need.

We possess ability to work with various DTDs: PubMed, DocBookx, TEILite, DITA, DAISI, Prism, Elsevier, OUP, ATypon, ACEME1000D

ePublishing eXpertise

  • Knowledge of migrations between publishing tools
  • Specialized experience in SGML, XML, XHTML, HTML5, MathML and other Markup languages
  • Working with XML authoring tools
  • Professional editing and project management support to ensure quality output
  • Cost-effective conversion solution for legacy data
  • Experience in migrating hard copy libraries to searchable soft copy files
  • Multilingual support with the ability to translate and publish documents in multiple languages on Web browsers or CD-ROM
  • PDF indexing–When you need hyperlinks to access documents on a CD-ROM or the Web

XML knowledge services

We do document analysis and construct DTDs suites to customer's needs and workflows, we also do advise on DTD rules, perform DTD edits, schema creation and interpretation, logical structuring, parsing, validating, online content checks and more. Using XSLT and PERL based in-house tools we generate visual, styled HTML content for online quality and compatibility checks. We understand that XML is pure logical, hence we base logical structuring of data as an integral part of our production process which helps our workforce better understand the importance of XML structure and produce.


We work on XSLT ranges from simple XML pages to the complicated transformation of formats from XML to PDF, HTML and text with MathML support. Using input XML-instance and XSLT/CSS we generate highly structured, styled online content. During each and every stage of conversion, the data integrity is maintained through our quality control process, we concentrate on both Logical and Layout of the content.


Our dedicated e-Book production team works on various forms of e-books for major publishers across worldwide. Our team has vast experience and authentic expertise in converting various source file types to different e-book formats for readers such as iPad, iPhone, AndriodOS, Amazon Kindle, MS Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, Mobipocket Reader, Palm Digital and Open e-Book.

Well structured e-Book work-flow is created for converting from application files, print ready PDF, Image PDFs, and printed material. We work with industry standard well-tested quality control procedures to produce the most accurate final products.


Having sound knowledge in XML and formatting expertise, we have mastered in designing XHTML and HTML5 pages. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and XHTML. The HTML standard defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. It attempts to solve issues found in previous iterations of HTML and addresses the needs of Web and Mobile Applications. We test all online content in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer to ensure a uniform display.

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