ibook content management devloper services KRYON creates electronic books from author disks or converting from existing platforms.
ibook content management ePub2, ePub3, Fixed-layout ePubs, Mobi Pocket/PRC/Kindle, OEB, Palm Reader, Gem Star, MS Reader, SONY e-Reader
ibook content management provider ePub2, ePub3, Fixed-layout ePubs, Mobi Pocket/PRC/Kindle, OEB, Palm Reader, Gem Star, MS Reader, SONY e-Reader
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iPad Innovations

The iPad is featured with many useful tools that help the reader view the ebook in the way the reader wants. The reader can turn the iPad to portrait to view a single page or can view double page by turning it to landscape. The user can change the font and can hold any word to look it up in the built-in iPad dictionary or Wikipedia. With many embedded features, iPad has made the dream of ebook reader's expectations come true.

We at KRYON help authors and publisher's to convert their Books from any format to ePub format to view on iPad. We don’t just convert the file to ePub format, but we also validate and adhere to iPad guidelines in order to make the converted file display well formatted in iPad.

Converting to validated epub format includes to pass the ePubCheck 1.0.5, removing much of the page-based formatting (page numbers, headers and footers, page breaks, etc.) not relevant in the eReading context. We will also guide through how to publish the book on the iPad ebook store.

Once you are sure with your iPad conversion project, follow the steps given below:

Please Email or FTP us the book at sales@kryonpublishing.com, you can upload it on our FTP server. Please contact us for login ID and password.

We convert the books only for authors, publishers, digital libraries, eBook sellers, or anybody who has the copyright of the books. If the book is no longer copyright protected, then please provide us the details on it.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at sales@kryonpublishing.com or call at +1 212 801 2389.

We can convert from any format to epub file format or format of your choice. Solution is just in your phone call/eMail.

Call/Mail us now for your ePub Conversion Service.

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