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the KPM

Though KPM stands for Kryon Project Management, we relate this term as Kaikaku Project Management (KPM). Kaikaku is the comprehensive term used for a breakthrough program or project which may encompass a framework of the ingredients expressed in the three concepts of Kakusin (innovation), Kaihatsu (development) and Kaizen (improvement). In fact, these are significant elements for successful performance. The unique context is disclosed in terms of organizational view and platform for knowledge interaction.

We take responsibility to produce and execute projects right from setting up the initial contact with the author to delivering the final PDFs/SGML/XML/ePub/ePDF. Our technical team effectively coordinates between author and the production editor at each and every stage of the production. We focus on quick turnarounds cost-effectively. Quality Management is inherent in KRYON.

Our philosophy is . . .

Continuous Improvement | Customer-Centered Focus | Relationship to Quality and Satisfaction | Benchmarking Targets | Quicker Turnarounds | Technological Approach

KRYON offers Project Management services for Journals, Books, and Multimedia projects. We put wide spectrum of skill sets to work and ensure that high standards are maintained through our production cycle. We combine our expertise and native intelligence to provide dynamic technology solutions and services with aggressive quality-profitability relationship.

  • Scheduling
  • Sample Preparation
  • Approval
  • Copyediting
  • Artwork Integration
  • Composition & Correction
  • Final PDF & Index preparation
  • PAT links (Publisher-Author-Typesetter)

Why Kryon?

Combining years of content management and technology experience with an absolute dedication, the team at KRYON ensures projects are managed to the highest standards by time-to-time communication & technology.

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